Behind all good wine is a story of grapes, land and remarkable people. Known for their unique, elegant and distinctly Italian flavours, Satta wines in the Bolgheri region reflect the signature elements of the Mediterranean Tuscan climate in which they are grown.

The story of Michele’s success is one of great vision, a love of the land and good old-fashioned hard work.  After graduating from the University of Agriculture in Milan he began his career in the wine industry in 1974. It began  with him doing basic tasks which he was happy to as it allowed him to be involved and he used his time to watch and learn from all of those around him.

With what he describes as an endless  passion he started his own enterprise when he bought  over some old vines and a cellar that was home to his first harvest in 1983. He was in the good place at the right time. In 1984 the area of Bolgheri, which is located on the Tuscan coast, was legally classified within the Italian wine classification system as a DOC, meaning it was officially an area that was home to quality wines and the global awareness of Bolgheri began to grow. Bolgheri, most famous wine, Sassicaia had put the area on the map in the early 70’s, but now that the zone was officially recognized the opportunities were limitless.

Back in November, Panoram Italia had the chance to taste the wines of Michele in an intimate encounter at La Chronique restaurant in Montreal.Champion of the classical Italian style, Michelle stay away from technical wines and craft soulful wines that have a  relationship with the terroir.

The invitation was a courtesy of their Italian importer in Quebec, Montalvin. Most of their wines are available in the private import network. For availability, please contact their importer.

Costa di Giulia 2015 Bolgheri Bianco DOC. ( Private Import, Montalvin)

Very aromatic nose. Citric fruits, pear, yellow apple with nuances of green pepper, star anise and herbs. On the mouth, round and very creamy. Fresh with a medium acidity. Mediterranean in style. Delicious opulence. 90/100

Michele Satta. Bolgheri Rosso 2014. SAQ # 10843466. $25.15

Outstanding nose of black plums, cocoa, coffee liqueur. On the mouth, fresh with sweet red berry fruit and rose petal flavors. Silky finish with  soft tannins. Excellent value for a Super Tuscan.  92/100

Piastraia 2012 Bolgheri DOC. SAQ # 00879197. $38.00

Cherry liqueur, dry tobacco, prunes and that sublime smell of Tuscany ( Barnyard, tamed leather, roasted herbs). On the mouth, full body. Satiny tannins and perfumed with flavors  bringing to mind coconut, cinnamon. Long finale. 95/100

I Castagni 2009 Bolgheri Superiori

Generous warm nose. Ripe bing cherry, herbs notes, black tea. On the mouth, rustic, humble and poetic. Flavors bring to mind animal notes. Very elegant.  Burgundian style. Important tannic presence. 91/100

Cavaliere 2011 Toscana IGT

Jammy black fruit, Tar, gunpowder, confit violets. On the mouth, full body. Lovely texture, an iron fist in a silk glove. Spicy bringing to mind cocoa, cloves, a bit of nutmeg. Tannic finale. 97/100

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